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Cover Plates (Daman)

Model Circuit AD03CPP Parallel AD05CPP Parallel AD08CPP Parallel

D03 Manifolds (Daman)

Model Circuit Threads AD03P012 S Parallel SAE AD03P012S/C Parallel-Common Cavity SAE AD03P022S Parallel SAE AD03P022S/C Parallel-Common Cavity SAE AD03S022S Series

D05 Manifolds (Daman)

Model Circuit Threads AD05P013S Parallel SAE AD05P023S Parallel SAE AD05P033S Parallel SAE AD05P043S Parallel SAE AD05P053S Parallel SAE

Header Block – 0° Design (Daman)

Header Block is designed to provide outlet ports that are common to one header. The header port is always one

Junction Manifold – 90° (Daman)

Junction Block is designed to provide a place to join piping. Model # of Ports Threads Port Size L W

Subplates (Daman)

Model Port Location Threads AD03SPS6P Side NPT AD03SPS6S Side SAE AD03SPS8S Side SAE

Subplates c/w Relief Cavity (Daman)

Model Port Threads AD03SPRVC6S SAE AD03SPRVC8S SAE  

Tapping Plates (Daman)

Model Port Threads AD03TPAB4S SAE
Material Valve Pattern Circuit # Stations Valve Spacing Port Threads Valve Spacing
2 - 2.13”
A- Aluminum D03 - D08 P-Parallel 01 to 10 2” to 7” P - NPT 3 - 3.25”
D- Ductile Iron S- Series S - SAE 4 - 4.00”
Aluminum - 3000 PSI max H- High flow 5 - 5.00”
Ductile - 5000 PSI max 7 - 7.00”