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Hydraulic Inline Filter Elements (HIF-2 – HIF-6)

Element Unit EK9052-25 HIF-2 or HIF-3 EK9052-40 HIF-2 or HIF-3 EK9052V-10 (viton) HIF-2 or HIF-3 EK9054 HIF-4 or HIF-6

Hydraulic Inline Filter Elements (PIF-1FM – 6FM)

300 psi maximum 35º F to 200º F Element For unit EK9072 PIF-1 to PIF-3 EK9074 PIF-4 to PIF-6

Hydraulic Inline Filters – HIF

Straight Thru Anodized Aluminum 25 Micron 3000 psi maximum Temp (-40° F to 200° F) Model Size O.L. Dia. HIF-2

Inline Filter Male – Female

Aluminum inline filter weighs only 2 ounces. Either port can be used as inlet port Throwaway filter element 40 micron