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Allied Witan

Manufacturer of Atomuffler series of exhaust mufflers, filter silencers, relief valve mufflers, speed control mufflers, and replacement elements.

Control Devices

Manufacturer of valves and controls for industrial air products. ASME-code/CRN stamped safety valves, check valves, pilot valves, unloader valves, throttle controls, and electronic drain valves.


Manufacturer of standard and custom built hydraulic manifold blocks, cover plates, tapping plates, valve adapters, header blocks, and junction blocks.


Manufacturer of particulate filters, coalescing filters, air regulators, lubricators, automatic drains, complete FRL units, and compressed air accessories.

Our Top Sellers

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Metal High Flow Mufflers – B-Series

Rugged design featuring corrosion-resistant all metal construction, high-flow capacity and minimal back pressure. When installed in the exhaust ports of

1/4” – 3/8” ASME Safety Relief Valves (Control Devices)

A compact, high flow rate safety valve. All brass construction with resilient silicone seat seal results in a bubble tight

2 ½” Premium Liquid Filled Gauge – 1/4″ Bottom Connection (SSG2512)

Technical Specifications Case Stainless Steel Dial White background c/w blue lettering Lens Plastic Scale Dual (psi-bar x 100 kpa) Tube

Breather Vents

Maximum operating pressure 150 psi Operating temperatures 35˚F to 300˚F 40 micron Model Size BV-1 F18 1/8” BV-2 F28 1/4”

F Series Filter Silencer (ALWITCO)

F series has both an outer and inner perforated guard plus an additional felt disc at the inlet for extra

Full Port Brass Ball Valves (General Purpose)

600 psi Max. temp. 400° F Chrome plated ball Blow-out proof c/w adjustable packing Model Size Port Dia. BG-2 1/4”

Sintered Bronze Silencer

SBM muffler-filters utilize porous sintered bronze directly bonded to pipe thread fittings to diffuse air and muffle noise from the

Speed Control

Superb Linear Metering Adjustment Speed Control Muffler units provide an infinite variation of metering air flow at an acceptable sound