SSSCM-Series stainless steel muffler with speed control provides an infinite variation of control of airflow at an acceptable sound level on the exhaust ports of air valves or single acting cylinder with complete safety. They are constructed with 300-Series stainless steel materials, therefore they are resistant to atmospheric corrosion, food stuffs, sterilizing solutions, many organic chemicals, dyestufs and wide variety of inorganic chemicals.
An external adjustment screw accurately varies orfice opening from closed to full as required. The final position can be locked into place by the lock nut.
The surrounding sleeve of stainless steel element reduces exhaust air noise and it is protected by the integral stainless steel shroud/cage.
Unit should be mounted in a protective position free from excessive vibration.
Maximum operating pressure 300 psi
Operating temperatures 35° F to 392° F
70 micron

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Stainless Steel Speed Control

Model Size SSSCM-1 1/8” SSSCM-2 1/4” SSSCM-3 3/8” SSSCM-4 1/2” SSSCM-6 3/4” SSSCM-8 1”