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Elements for F and M series (ALWITCO)

Model Size 3101-931001 1/8” 3102-931002 1/4” 3100-931000 3/8” 3105-931005 1/2” 3107-931007 3/4” 3110-931010 1” 3112-931012 1 1/4” 3115-931015 1 1/2”

F Series Filter Silencer (ALWITCO)

F series has both an outer and inner perforated guard plus an additional felt disc at the inlet for extra

M Series Air Exhaust Muffler (ALWITCO)

M series has an outer perforated guard over the cellulose element. Filters out dirt particles as small as 5 micron.

X Series Relief Valve Muffler (ALWITCO)

Pressure equalization optimizes performance Includes all the outstanding features of the industry-standard Atomuffler® Air Exhaust Muffler plus an added relief

Speed Control Muffler – Plated Steel (ALWITCO)

Speed Control Muffler units provide an infinite variation of metering air flow at an acceptable sound level on exhaust ports